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Braithwell: '00' (4mm/ft - 16.5mm gauge)

Owner: Hull MRS, Size: 18ft by 9ft. Based on the ex GCR lines, just inside North East Wales, designed to cover up to three periods, late 50s Steam, mid 60s steam/diesel and late 60s green/blue diesels. Availability: Due to debut at the Hull Model Railway Show 2017.


Coal Hill West: (2mm/ft - 9mm gauge)

Owner: Chris Berry, Size: 4ft by 3ft. A compact 2mm/ft layout that could be based on anywhere in the UK. Availability: Due to debut at the Hull MRS Summer Show in 2017.


Cullingden: '00' fine scale (4mm/ft - 16.5mm gauge)

Owner: Hull MRS, Size; 24ft by 10ft. The layout represents a midland terminus somewhere west of Bradford in West Yorkshire during October 1961. The track plan typifies the complicated approach to such termini during that period. Availability: Due to debut at the Hull Model Railway Show in 2018.


Lady Cross: '00' (4mm/ft - 16.5mm gauge)

Owner: Hull MRS, Size: 20ft by 12ft. A 1960s BR Southern Region Steam era based in the area of the New Forrest, depicting a local station. Availability: 2017.


Llyn Madoc: 'EM' (4mm/ft - 18.2mm gauge)

Owner: Steve Farrow, Size: 16ft by 7ft 'U' shaped. A might have been passing station on the secondary line from Chester to Ruabon based in the summer of 1939. Availability: Due to debut at the Hull Model Railway Show in 2017.


Lockwood Street: 'N' (2mm/ft - 9mm gauge)

Owner: Hull MRS, Size: 12ft by 4ft. Inspired by the former Hull & Barnsley Railway terminus at Cannon Street in Hull the layout represents an urban secondary terminus. It is set in the mid 1950s - 1960s. Availability: 2017.


Market Lindum: '00' (4mm/ft - 16.5mm gauge)

Owner: Andrew Hartshorne, Size: 24ft by 8ft. Market Lindum is a passing loop on the Midland Railway's fictitious Horncastle to Boston line, situated where the Lincolnshire Wolds become the Fens. It is the junction for a minor branch to Skegness, and also has private sidings for the nearby RAF base and a large market garden. Set in the hot summer of 1959, expect to see various elderly MR, GC and GN locos, together with a few new diesels. (A renovation of a former HMRS club layout.) Availability: due to debut at the Hull Show 2017.


Watch this Space:

A new 009 layout is under construction at the clubrooms. While initially based on the RVR format it is intended the the new layout will be flexible enough to be able to be used in different eras using a wide variety of stock. Its provisional name is 'Stamley' but!



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